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Reunion Preliminary Event Schedule

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

7 Mar 2022

I received the following from Miles Kirkhuff regarding some draft planning for the reunion schedule of events:

Hello Redtags,

I have received a few inquiries as to what days we would be holding our major events during the reunion. Here is a quick synopsis and our best planning guesses. Please remember these events are still being coordinated, so nothing is in stone yet.

The golf tournament is normally scheduled on Thursday. There are morning and afternoon tee times, and we don’t know yet which we’ll get. But regardless of whether it’s morning or afternoon, we are planning on a no-host informal gathering at the host hotel bar on Wednesday evening 7 Sep for those who will be flying in on Wednesday.

Wednesday 7 Sep: No-Host Informal Gathering

Thursday 8 Sep: Golf tournament, Reunion check-in, Prep-School Mini-Reunion as well as our class social.

Friday 9 Sep: Reunion check-in, Friday events on the Academy grounds, Memorial Service, Squadron Mini-Reunions and Class Banquet

Saturday 10, Sep: Tailgate and Football Game vs CU Buffalos

Sunday 11: Farewells and Safe Travels

This is currently what we are working toward. If you any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or just give us a call. You might have to leave a message, but I will return your call.


Miles & Deb (Mullen-’82) Kirkhuff


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