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USAFA Class of '82 Reunion Update #16 Final Agenda and Planning Information

UPDATE: The original version of this message incorrectly showed the golf tournament on Thursday. IT IS ON FRIDAY. Although this conflicts with the events in the Cadet Area, it was the only time a course was available.


Our reunion lead, Miles Kirkhuff, sent me this update and asked me to pass it on to all of you. There is a lot of detail here, so please read carefully! In addition to the info below, you should also CLICK HERE for a .pdf copy of a more detailed agenda with locations of all events. I recommend you print this e-mail and the .pdf and bring them with you.

If you have questions about any of this, you can contact Miles directly at or by text/voice at 719-659-6665.

Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion,


Jim Ratti, '82 Class Scribe

(937) 760-2333


Hey Redtags,

Our long-awaited 40th reunion is just around the corner so I will try to keep this short but informative and just hit some of the highlights. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me (Miles Kirkhuff) directly.

There is no “theme” for this reunion. Just have fun and enjoy each other’s company. The intent is to make this reunion as casual and relaxed as possible. Our reunion is scheduled much earlier in the year than the past few, so hopefully the weather will be warmer and should allow us to enjoy more time outside. But keep in mind, it is Colorado. The dress code for all our events is casual. We respectfully request no jeans or shorts for the Thursday and Friday night social events, as well as the Cadet Area open house.

Weather Forecast Wed 7 Sep: High 84 / Low 54 Mostly Sunny Winds ESE 11 Chance of Rain: 02%

Thu 8 Sep: High 88 / Low 54 Mostly Sunny Winds SSE 11 Chance of Rain: 08%

Fri 9 Sep: High 81 / Low 51 Mostly Sunny Winds SSE 10 Chance of Rain: 08%

Sat 10 Sep: High 76 / Low 49 PM Showers Winds S 10 Chance of Rain: 40%

Sun 11 Sep: High 75 / Low 47 Mostly Sunny Winds S 10 Chance of Rain: 24%

Wednesday, 07 Sep 2022

1600 – 1900 Reunion Check In / Welcome Table. At Check-In, you will be able to pick up your Reunion Name Tag as well as review the schedule for the reunion. AFR/AOG will print off new Registration sheets each morning showing all the attendees and what events they have registered for.

If at registration you want to add an event that you haven’t previously registered for, you can pay at the Reunion Check In, but you can only pay via credit card since checks and cash are not accepted.

New Name Tags can be produced on site. Unfortunately, the ability to purchase entrance to some meal functions will be limited based on availability.

If you are curious how you know which events you have signed up for, all you have to do is to look at the notations on the front of your name tag. No tickets or wristbands will be issued for hotel receptions or meals.

For all Grads/Classmates you will also be presented a Class Crest Lapel pin.

1700 – 1900 Opening Night Meet & Greet: This will be a short Meet and Greet for those who are arriving on Wednesday before heading out to dinner with family or friends while at the same time trying to keep costs down. It’s scheduled for 2 hours, and the bar will be open the entire time. The food will be served for 1 hour (1730-1830) since it’s not meant to be a replacement for dinner. Dress Code: Come as you are. Schedule of Events: 1700 - Starts / Bar Opens; 1730 – 1830 Food Served (Buffet Style); 1900 – Party Concludes

Thursday, 08 Sep 2022

0700 – 0830R.E.D. Time (Reflection, Encouragement, Discussion). Dean Mills ( will be leading this time that is set aside for classmates to reflect on our present lives and future opportunities. This is a place to celebrate making it through tough times, encourage others, or to be encouraged, and just share discussions together.

1020 – 1330 Prep School Mini Reunion and Tour. Briefing, tour and lunch at the Prep School. The tour and briefings are at no cost. However, if you want to join the preppies for lunch, you can eat at the prep school (whatever their standard lunch of the day is), and will have to pay in cash, at the register. Location: Community Center Theater – Bldg 5136. OPR: AOG (Felica Recker)

1600 – 1900 Reunion Check-In / Class Welcome

1430 - 1700 Doolie Squadron Mini Reunions / Leisure Time. Opportunity to tell war stories and see how bad our memories are becoming. Meet with your Doolie squadron mates or take the opportunity for a little leisure time if needed. We still need folks to step up and at least contact those classmates that are attending. If want to volunteer, please contact Bob Weller ( for a list of your squadron classmates.

1700 – 2300 Thursday Night Event (Cash Bar).This buffet style event should provide a great venue to just sit, talk and reminisce. Bar opens at 1645 and the buffet starts at 1830 and will be available for two hours. With the number of classmates attending this event, we will have three bars set up as well as the opportunity to purchase full bottles of wine.

For those who would like to bring photos, yearbooks etc., we will have a table available to display the items. Please make sure you put your name on the items. Dress Code: Casual – No Jeans or shorts please.

Friday, 09 Sep 2022

As you may remember, Friday is always a very busy day. In the past, there was some opportunity to drive up to the Cadet Area and then just walk to the Chapel and Terrazzo. This year they would like us to park at Clune Arena and use the buses to get to the Terrazzo. So when you are transitioning between the events, please keep in mind loading and unloading does take time. For those who require a little more assistance, please let me know so that I can provide the AOG with a list of folks requiring the ADA capable bus.

Our major class events for Friday are the Class Photo at Spirit Hill and our GBNF Memorial Service. Because the Friday schedule contains a lot of events that classmates may wish to attend, please be in place on time so we can keep as close to the schedule. Reminder for the GBNF Memorial Service, please arrive NLT 1400 so you can be seated well prior to the 1415 start time.

Note: Travel Time from Antlers to Clune Arena - North Gate: 25 minutes // South Gate: 30 minutes

0700 - 0800 R.E.D. Time (Reflection, Encouragement, Discussion).

0800 – 1400 Late Reunion Check-In will be at the Cadet Field House Lobby.

0800 – 1630 Shuttle Rides – Cadet Field House to the Base of the Ramp - Buses will Run from Clune Arena to Base of the Ramp. Travel time is approximately 5-10 mins not including loading time. For those requiring ADA capable buses, please contact me ( / 719-659-6665) so I can coordinate with the AOG prior to the reunion starting.

0800 – 1600 Cadet Area Open HouseMust Wear Name Badge. No jeans or shorts, please.

0830 - 1300 Golf Tournament Pine Creek Golf Club – 0830 Shotgun StartPOC: JJ Johnson ( We (‘82) currently have a total of 16 golfers. There are 92 total from the other classes. It will be one big tournament with cash prizes for lowest team score, longest drive, closest to the pin and a $5000 cash prize for a hole in one on one of the par-3s.

0930 – 1200 Cadet Squadron Open House

0900 - 0915 Class Photo. The Herding of the Cats, a.k.a. Class photo, will be taken at Spirit Hill. Try to have the tall folks in the back and the short up front. Please arrive a bit early so we can complete the picture and press on with the remainder of the schedule.

1145 – 1230 Mitchell Hall Luncheon – Seating will be unlimited this reunion and the cost is $7.00. Please meet in front by the center doors.

1145 – 1300 Food Trucks at Arnold Hall. For those who will not be attending lunch at Michell Hall, there will be numerous food trucks and other eating establishments in and around Arnold Hall. They will accept both cash and Credit Cards.

1300 – 1500 Cadet Squadron Open House

1415 – 1500 Memorial Ceremony. Our Memorial Ceremony to honor our Gone But Not Forgotten (GBNF) classmates will be held in Fairchild Hall – H1. Please arrive NLT 1400 so that you can be in your seats before the 1415 start.

1530 – 1630 Final Shuttle Rides – Base of Ramp to Cadet Field House. Buses will Run from the Base of the Ramp to Clune Arena. Travel time is approximately 5-10 mins not including loading time. Note: last bus leaves at approx. 1630, but because travel time from Clune Arena to The Antlers by car is approx. 30 minutes, if you wait for this bus, you’ll almost certainly be late for the evening events at the hotel.

1530 – 1800 Grad Squadron Get-Together / Personal Time. Again, we still need classmates to set up and coordinate squadron meetings. Contact Bob Weller ( if you can help.

1600 – 1730 ’82 Ladies Gathering. The ‘82 Ladies will be meeting again during the reunion to do a little catching up on what has been going on since out 35th reunion. The gathering will be held at The Antler’s – Fremont room. POC: Julia Graves (

1645 – 2100 Class Banquet (Cash Bar).Our Class Banquet much like the other events for this reunion will be casual but with a little structure so we can hear from our classmate and guest speaker, Dr Heather Wilson, as well as stories from our classmates who try to top Kate Smith’s oration of her swimming prowess as a cadet. If you have any stories, please let Jim Demarest know prior to the banquet. This event will also be buffet style so you can have maximum flexibility to move around and socialize. With the number of classmates attending the banquet, we will have three bars set up as well as the opportunity to purchase full bottles of wine. Bars will be open 1645-2100. The formal banquet program is 1800-2100, but we have the room until 2200. Dress Code: Casual – No Jeans or shorts please. POC: Miles Kirkhuff

Saturday, 10 Sep 2022

0730 – 0830 R.E.D. Time (Reflection, Encouragement, Discussion)

Times of the tailgate and football game have changed!!!

1030 - 1230 AOG Hosted Tailgate & Football Game Ticket Information. Those who registered for the Tailgate through the Class registration web site, your wrist bands will be in the back pouch of the Primary Registrant’s Reunion Name Tag. For Football tickets, you should have received an email from FEVO.

1330 AFA vs Colorado Buffalos. Our section for the football game is L15. See ya there.

NOTE: The athletic department has requested that all fans wear blue to the game to create a “Blue Out” in the stadium!

1800 (Estimated) Post Football Gathering. For those who are sticking around town after the game, we plan on meeting at the bar at The Antler’s Hotel. It will be a No-Host, Pay as You Go function. Location: The Antler’s Hotel. If you have any questions, please contact Miles Kirkhuff (

If you any questions regarding the reunion, please feel free to contact me. See you next week!


Miles & Deb (Mullen – ’82) Kirkhuff

USAFA Class 1982

40th Reunion Lead


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