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Class of '82 Spirit Mission!

7 July 2022

It's time for a Spirit Mission, and we need your help!

Tom Sylvester came up with a great way for our class to clearly distinguish itself from the other five classes having reunions the same weekend as ours. He's putting together a massive video montage of all of us singing America the Beautiful, and the plan is to play the video on the jumbotron screen at the stadium during the CSU football game. The lyrics will accompany the video in the hopes that we can get the entire stadium singing along. It'll show our creativity, patriotism and class spirit, and definitely be something everyone at the game will remember.

In order to do this WE NEED YOUR HELP. We need you to record a video of yourself singing America the Beautiful. I know that sounds daunting, especially for those of you who feel you can't sing at all. Don't worry about that for even a single second, because:

- We're not out to embarrass anyone

- Singing ability is NOT a prerequisite

- Tom can pitch-correct your audio and get it sync'd to everyone else's tempo

- If your singing isn't up to solo quality, he'll only use the video portion, not the audio, and make it look like the world's best Milli Vanilli lip sync - you'll look like a pro!

I know this will take many of you outside your comfort zone - about the only thing more daunting than speaking in public is singing! But screw up your courage (like you did the night we moved the X-4, ran the tunnels, shined Robin Olds' nose, etc.). When you see the final product, you'll be glad you were part of this.

Tom has made the process of recording yourself straightforward. Here's what you need to do:

- Watch the recruiting pitch here - you'll see a preview of what the finished product will look like

- Download the lyrics here

- Download the backing track here

- Download Tom's detailed instructions here

Then, record your video using your phone or tablet (LANDSCAPE MODE!) and get it to Tom NO LATER THAN 15 JULY.

There's lots more detail included in the linked documents and video above, so I won't repeat all that here. But this is, no kidding, only about a 10-minute exercise.

Please, please, please, we need maximum participation in this - a handful of people won't cut it - we need hundreds of you.

I can promise you Tom will make a very professional production out of this - he's a pro at video editing and producing, and it'll be first class all the way.

If you have questions about the process, contact Tom directly at

Jim Ratti

(937) 760-2333

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