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40th Reunion Update #3 - 06 Feb 2022

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

This update is from Deb & Miles Kirkhuff:


USAFA Class 1982 - 40th Class Reunion


(as of 06/1000 Feb 22)

Hello Redtags, It’s been a while since our last newsletter, and you probably have been wondering what has been going on. Well, we have actively been working towards the 40th reunion such as Dutch Masters and Tom LaValley doing research into hotels that can support our reunion. As far as when the reunion will be, unfortunately, we won’t know until the MWC Football schedule is finalized and the AOG/USAFA determines which will be the approved weekends. As in previous years, the selection from the approved weekends will be based on class seniority. This should occur around EOM this month and/or early March. As we have said in previous emails, reunions are not a cheap venture. I can’t stress enough, if you haven’t already, start saving towards our 40th reunion. Air travel, billeting, car rental, registration, etc., all add up. The AOG in conjunction with Armed Forces Reunion Inc, is trying to negotiate the best hotel rates.

The only thing that might be missing from the reunion - is you. Please pass the word on to as many classmates as possible. Contact your squadron mates and let them know that you are planning on attending. The larger the crowd, the more memorable it will be. Squadron Reps (Doolie / Grad) POC: Bob Weller We are looking for more volunteers willing to be Squadron Reps. Bob Weller is coordinating the Squadron Rep program. Here is a short description of the program: The Squadron Rep is a volunteer, preferably from the same squadron, but not mandatory. The intent is a 24/7 type support to the respective squadron. The type and amount of support will vary from squadron to squadron based on its make-up. They act as a conduit between the Class and USAFA to help facilitate both formal and informal communications within their squadron.

  • Sqdn Reps will receive a current squadron (Doolie/Grad) list with contact information, usually in the form of email addresses from Bob or the Class Scribe.

  • Coordinate with Bob and the Class Scribe on any incorrect or newly found classmate’s contact information.

  • In an attempt to reduce the volume of repeat information during class reunion timeframe, only pass on reunion information that is not already contained in other class reunion correspondence.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact BOB and he will provide you with the latest squadron contact list. Just a reminder, these contact lists are only for reunion and squadron business and are not intended for any type of solicitation or commercial business.

As far as being a Squadron Rep, you are under no obligation to host a Squadron function at the reunion unless you choose to, but mainly to get the word out about the reunion and to facilitate ongoing communications within your squadron.

Once the reunion dates are official, we will then be looking for classmates (again, not necessarily squadron reps) to host squadron mini-reunions. Let us know if you wish to volunteer as a Squadron Rep or host a squadron mini-reunion. Gone But Not Forgotten (GBNF) POC: Martha Stevenson-Jones & Daryl Jones As you know, every reunion, Martha and Daryl Jones are honored to help orchestrate both a moving and memorable class memorial ceremony for our GBNF. They also help with the Gone But Not Forgotten Liaison program that supports spouses or family members of our GBNF that plan on attending the reunion. Ideally, they are looking for individuals/roommates with familiarity with the spouse/family member but it’s not mandatory. The liaisons would be a conduit for anything related to the class, class reunion or USAFA. Based on the relationship of the liaison and the spouse/family, they would establish the frequency of contact and type of information flow. They would maintain current spouse/family contact information and keep Martha and Daryl updated of any changes. The Liaison will also determine from the family/spouse the extent they wish to have their personnel information made public. Finally, the liaison also helps collecting the information on the GBNF graduate for the memorial program. The main task is to assist the spouse/family member, as required, answer any questions in all aspects of the class reunion; registration, billeting, AFA access, etc. If you would like to volunteer for these very important positions, contact Martha and Daryl.

Volunteers needed to:

  • Select location for the ceremony

  • Design the memorial brochure (AOG prints the brochures and delivers to our ceremony location)

  • Assist Tom Sylvester with any video assistance required (Best videos ever!)

  • Be on the team that helps put together the actual memorial ceremony

Class Contact List / Class Web Site POC: Jim Ratti As usual, Jim Ratti for the past 40 years, is constantly trying to update the class list as well as locating missing classmates. Sometime in the next few weeks, he will be posting a current list of class MIA’s on the class website. By the way, we know the class web site needs some TLC, so give us a little time to update it. But we will still post the current MIA list on it. Look at the list and see if you might have information on one of our missing classmates, if so, please pass that information on to Jim or ask them to contact Jim. For those that don’t regularly check the class web site, which most folks don’t, except during reunions, we will try to post a notice of changes using the FACEBOOK page managed by Mike Sinisi. We know that not everyone has/nor uses FACEBOOK. For important ort time critical information, we will send out a notice.

Merchandise – Open One item that garnered numerous comments from our last two reunions, was the merchandise & “swag bag”. Obviously, it’s never easy to please all 300+ people, not trying to scare prospective volunteers. I have talked with the majority of classes that had their reunion last fall. A few classes have gone with Cole Productions and others have ventured to other vendors and have had the merchandise delivered to their home prior to the reunion. We are looking for volunteers to research and provide options for merchandise. Let me know if you would like to take this task on. Volunteer Positions Still Open POC: Miles & Deb Kirkhuff

  1. Mini-Reunions

  2. Soaring IP, Wings of Blue and Prep School

  3. Wednesday Night No-Host Social

  4. Thursday Night – Reunion Informal Gathering

  5. Friday Class Banquet

  6. Assistant Class Photographer

  7. R.E.D. Time (Reflection, Encouragement, Discussion)

  8. Ladies’ gathering- brunch/lunch schedule dependent- need volunteers to help coordinate

If anyone would like additional information on any of the open jobs, please let me know. Mid-February Newsletter Topics Here is some of the additional information we hope to have for a mid-Feb update:

  • Registration Process and Web Site

  • Reunion Check In (at host hotel) and late Arrival Process

  • Football Tickets and Tailgate

  • Friday Reunion Events on the Terrazzo

  • AFA Parking

  • Busing Around the AFAF

  • Lunch Options – Friday AFA events

We had hoped to have more definitive information regarding dates, but unfortunately, it’s not available at this time. Our goal is to get you information as it happens. But for now, keep saving for the reunion, try to contact as many classmates as possible and remind them of the upcoming reunion. We prefer not to have someone say that they were not aware of the reunion.

Miles & Deb

Miles & Deb (Mullen – ’82) Kirkhuff


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