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Volunteers Needed for AOG Board and Committees

17 Oct 2021

Mark Volcheff '75 is an AOG Board Director and Chair of the Nominations Committee. He has asked that I send this to my classmates. He is building a pool of candidates for both Board Directors and Committee volunteers. If you are interested, send Mark an email or call him. Please pass this on to any AOG member you know who might be interested. His contact information is below:

Mark Volcheff '75

AOG Board Director


Here is his the email he sent to me:


As an AOG Board Director, I am also the Chair of the Nominations Committee. Two of our chartered tasks are to keep a pool of eligible candidates ready to be considered to fill vacancies on the AOG Board if they come available due to the resignation of a current Board Director. The other task is to keep a pool of candidates whom are interested in serving on AOG Board Committees. We have actually already used this candidate pool to fill two Board positions and at least one committee position. While there is no guarantee that being in this pool increases the likelihood of being placed on the Board or on a Committee, the Board looks very favorably on those who step forward expressing interest to serve in this way and I have to believe that serving on a Board Committee would logically make someone more competitive to be selected to the Board during the normal election cycle.

To that end, I am reaching out to you to help me find AOG members interested in being placed in this pool to be considered for Board of Director positions and/or Board Committees. I have listed the standing Board committees and a brief description of what they do.

Please feel free to forward this information to your classmates. You need to make no quality cut on any candidates. I ask that as volunteers come to you to be added to the pool you have them indicate their interest of being in the pool as a Board Director or Committee member or both (please have them identify which committee(s).

If you or any interested grad has additional questions please address them to me. There is no suspense for my request, but it would be nice to have an initial list of interested grads by Oct 31. However, you can continue to forward names to me at any time as you find interest - - and please feel free to nominate yourself.

Thanks in advance for helping


Mark Volcheff '75

AOG Board Director


PS, travel is not required for any Committee positions and while the amount of work for any committee membership varies by committee, my observation is that all work is done electronically and while cyclical, may average a couple hours a month, maybe even less.


FINANCE AND INVESTMENT COMMITTEE: The Finance and Investment Committee composition and size shall be determined by the Board and will include at least two directors. The Finance and Investment Committee shall be chaired by a director. Members shall be experienced in financial or business management. The Finance and Investment Committee shall review the AOG’s Financial Management and Investment Policy (FMIP), financial condition, investment portfolio and budget, and make recommendations to the Board for modifications as appropriate. The Finance and Investment Committee may establish in the FMIP an investment subcommittee composed of highly qualified professionals to make and manage investments.

1. Establish a financial management and investment policy for the AOG

2. Establish the AOG’s investment policy through its Investment sub-committee

3. Review and Propose appropriate changes to the AOG Financial Management and Investment Policy

4. Oversee the financial conditions, investments and contributions to the AOG

5. Review the AOG Annual budget for approval by the Board

6. Review quarterly financial reports for review by the Board

AUDIT COMMITTEE: The Audit Committee composition and size shall be determined by the Board and will include at least two directors. Members of the Audit Committee shall have financial experience and at least one member shall be a certified public accountant, if possible. The Audit Committee shall oversee the auditing process of the AOG’s books and records

1. Oversee the annual audit process

2. Report the results of the audit to the Board

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Nominating Committee shall be composed of two elected directors, one of whom will serve as chair, and five AOG graduate members at-large.

1. Develop and seek Board approval of the desired attributes for Candidates for each election.

2. Recruit Members to serve on the Board

3. From the entire Applicant pool; which includes Candidates recruited by the Committee, Applicants who submit their nomination to the Committee, and Petition Candidates, provide to the Board for approval a list of qualified Candidates to be placed on the ballot. Petition Candidates must be included on the ballot.

4. Coordinate with the AOG staff to ensure the election process and execution are IAW the Bylaws and Board Policies to include administrative support by the AOG staff.

5. Maintain a pool of AOG Members qualified to serve as Directors or committee members[MV1] .

HERITAGE AND TRADITIONS COMMITTEE: The Heritage and Traditions Committee composition and size shall be determined by the Board and will consist of AOG graduate members, at least two of whom must be directors. Duties of the committee include:

1. Promoting and preserving the legacy of the Academy through the accomplishments of its graduates.

2. Developing AOG heritage policies and projects for Board approval.

3. Reviewing proposals from classes and individuals for new heritage programs and projects; determining whether the proposals comply with AOG policies and objectives; and making recommendation to the Board.

4. Representing the class, the individual and/or the AOG on proposals approved by the Board and presented to the Academy through the Memorial Board or other requisite Academy councils, committees and approval authorities.

5. Advising the AOG Board and the Academy on the Academy-generated heritage policies, programs and projects.

6. Evaluating all requests to place names on the Graduate War Memorial Wall and making recommendations to the AOG Board.

GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE: The Governance Committee is led by the Vice Chair, AOG Board. Its members shall be AOG graduate members and will include at least two additional Directors plus not more than five non-Director AOG members.

1. The committee will oversee, evaluate and create when necessary AOG governance

2. The committee will oversee Board functioning IAW its Policy Governance model

3. Ensure AOG practices are consistent with the Bylaws

4. Ensure strategic planning is conducted for Board Committees

5. Establish procedures for the Class Advisory Senate (CAS) to advise the Board of Directors. Ensure the CAS has an elected president that will serve as a voting member of the Board

AWARDS AND RECOGNITION COMMITTEE: The Awards and Recognition Committee is led by a Board Director and is composed of four additional Board Directors plus two other members of the graduate community at large. The committee will:

1. Review current award programs, definitions, and procedures and document, revise, and institutionalize them as necessary.

2. Develop new ways of using award and recognition programs to better discover the accomplishments of graduates.

3. Consider ways and provide opportunities to enhance the legacy of the Long Blue Line.

4. Develop additional award and recognition programs that are consistent with established policies.

5. Review proposals for new awards and recognition programs. Determine whether proposals comply with current AOG policies.

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