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Sue & George Get Hitched!

I received the following e-mail from Sue Grant a few days ago. She has some exciting news to share!


I got hitched! 😁 After 16 years together, we decided to finally make it legal. George is a great guy. We’re looking forward to making Colorado (Monument) our home as early as this summer, moving into the house we bought in early 2020 in advance of our looming retirements.

I am due to retire from United Airlines in March of 2025. I’m excited to keep traveling around the world—but staying longer than a night or two at a time!!

We traveled (cruised on the Seabourn Venture) to Antarctica this past December and loved it! Not a sail-by but boots on the ground. What a raw, incredibly beautiful, unforgettable place. I recommend the trip to any of my classmates looking for a true bucket list experience. 

And here's a picture of Sue at the southernmost tip of Argentina, on her way to Antarctica:


Congratulations, Sue!

All the best, Jim Ratti

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