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GBNF Announcement - Steven Philip Vislisel

Feb 19, 2024

I was notified by John Amrine that our classmate Steve Vislisel passed away a little over a year ago. Here is some information provided by his family regarding Steve's passing:


Steve was found in his house on Jan 8, 2023 when a wellness check was done. The cause of death is unknown. He had not been feeling well and not responding to calls, so his nephew and sister checked up on him. When there was no response at the door, a wellness check was done. 

On Sat 25 Feb 2023 an Irish Wake was held in his honor to share stories about Steve. On Sun 26 Feb 2023, a memorial service was held at Del Mar Powerhouse Park Center in San Diego.

Before his passing, Steve was the Chief Executive Officer at Partnership Edge in San Diego, CA. Steve is the son of Les and Mary Ellen Vislisel who both preceded him to Heaven. He is survived by his sister Diane Vislisel Reed (married to Paul Reed), sister Kari Vislisel Frantz and brother Tom Vislisel (married to Rachel), plus eight nieces and nephews he loved dearly and who looked up to him and loved him--Michaela Frantz Gray (Dante), Allie Frantz, JT Frantz (Emie), John Vislisel (Toi), Caleb Vislisel (Dani), Micah Vislisel, Sarah Vislisel and Anna Vislisel.

Steve loved his family and many rich friendships over the years--and outdoor adventures and beauty. He impacted many lives both personally and professionally. If you Google Steve, there are several pics and videos of him related to his business online. 

The Vislisel family would like to hear from Steve’s Academy buddies. If anyone wants to contact the family, please contact Steve’s sister, Kari Frantz at


Please join me in praying for his family as they go through this difficult time. In addition to contacting Kari, you can leave a message for his family at this link.

Jim Ratti, '82 Class Scribe

(937) 760-2333

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