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Titus Stauffer - Another Published Author

After I sent out the notice in mid-January 2022 about Jim Demarest's and Sue Grant's latest books, I learned that Titus Stauffer is also a published author! Here's what he sent to me:


Just FYI, I'm in the writing business as well. Here are the three books I've written under my own name (Titus Stauffer, class of 1982), quite a few years ago.

Lately I have written under a pen name, "Etza B. Happenin". I've tried to make a break from the past, and write a LOT less overtly about politics! But now that I am retired, I no longer care about revealing that it is me behind the pen name! There are three more books, all a series about space aliens...

I have also posted the three books under my own name here, where you can read or download these books for FREE (unlike Kindle / Amazon, where I can make the e-books available for free for a week, only once every three months).

I also have eight non-fiction propulsion and space-travel-related papers posted here. Just FYI. I'm not sure if that is of much interest.




I know we have many other authors among the class, but I only have details on a few. So if you (or any other classmate you know) have a book you'd like to see mentioned here, let me know!

Best regards,


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Hi All, Titus here… Sorry I wasn’t able to join you in the now-ongoing 40th reunion of “Best in Blue”. My wife is hospitalized. Also FYI, I have now posted my 4th book as pen-name “Etza B. Happenin”, to , AKA “The Andromeda Stain: Pay it Forward Defiantly” I can send you free PDF copies of this (or others in the series) if you’d like. Email me at … I’m sadly short of reviews posted out to! Thanks! -Titus


Feb 21, 2022

Hi Jim! Thanks much for posting this !!! -Titus AKA Etza B. Happenin!

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