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Peter Bryant Pins Wings on Niece

8 Aug 2021

I got an e-mail from Peter Bryant in July with some cool news. He had the honor of pinning wings on his niece at her graduation from UPT.

Here are a couple pictures and Peter's own description of the event:


Just wanted to share with you a couple of things. Last week I had the really cool privilege of pinning wings on my niece, Becki Bryant, class of 2020, as she completed her T-6 phase of pilot training at Vance AFB. After the graduation ceremony, all the students had their own private pinning on wherever they chose. We went out to the flight line and pinned them on in front of a T-6. I put on my old service uniform and took my old wings off and put them on her uniform. The two attached pics show the before and after.

I also retired from FedEx at the end of December last year after flying with them for over 30 1/2 years. It seemed to be enough time for me. I keep myself busy with some volunteer work, gardening, hiking, etc. There is never a shortage of things to do when you have a house and some property.

Looking forward to our 40th next year.

Take care,

Peter Bryant


I was impressed that Peter could still wear his service coat after 30 years!

And heaty congratulations to Becki. How cool that she gets to wear her uncle's wings.

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