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Kilimanjaro Climb with Mike Berry

27 Nov 2022

Mike Berry wrote to me to let me know he's going on a trek to climb Kilimanjaro in January 2023, and would like to invite classmates to join him. Here's what he asked me to pass along:


Hey Redtags,

What are you doing in January? I'm inviting all that are interested to join me on a Kilimanjaro summit trek, 14-24 January. Optional 3 day animal safari, 23-27 Jan. There are just under 7 weeks left, more time than basic to get into shape (if needed). I went from very sedentary to a successful Everest base camp trek in 2019 in just 2 months, you can do this. I'd love to have any of you join me. Disclaimer: I don't get any compensation or discounts if you come, just the pleasure of your company.

Some details. Need to be at JRO (Kilimanjaro International) by 14 Jan. Most flight schedules from the US require leaving late-ish on the 12th. $3,300 all inclusive for the trek, $1,200 additional for the safari. Airfare to/from JRO is not included. US->JRO return is running ~$1,200. I have not done this trip before, but our classmate Cathy (Prior) Goodwin, and her husband Rich ('80) have. I was fortunate enough to join them for the Everest Base Camp trek. These trips are/were organized by Crew Treks I was well looked after on the Everest trip. Cathy and Rich thoroughly enjoyed their Kilimanjaro trip, and highly recommended it and Crew Treks.

This is not a technical (ropes, crampons, etc.) climb, it's 'just' a trek. You will only need to carry water, snacks, raingear/jackets in a day pack. Porters will carry the rest of your gear, tents, kitchen, latrines, etc. I'd recommend being in reasonable shape and able to comfortably hike for several hours a day. I've started working out at a local gym for cardio and leg strength (primarily) to help ensure I'm successful and it will suck less.

I'm happy to try and answer questions, and would love to have you join this trip.

Mike Berry

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