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Jon ("Doc") and Trish Kimminau Christmas Letter

I received a Christmas e-mail from Trish (Riley, '83) Kimminau giving a brief update on what she and Doc have been up to. Here's the text of her message to me:


Jim and Ellen,

Thanks for the Christmas card. I wish I could learn how to be as concise as you. I'm glad you are able to get back to some activities. Three cats! We loved our cat, but are enjoying our pet-free years now.

I'm just sending a short update this Christmas: Rebekah and Anna continue to live in Dallas with Rinleigh, who will be eight months old on Dec 15th. We have enjoyed being grandparents!!! Riley is still in Utah, but looking to make a change in the spring. JJ is still programming computers for the Air Force in Montgomery AL. He recently moved to an office where he's going to be writing an iPad application for pilots. Riley is visiting with us now, and Rebekah, Anna, Rinleigh and their Columbian au pair, Eli, will be here Dec 18-22. We will have a family party on the 19th, and celebrate Christmas early with them. We hear Rinleigh is crawling, and may be walking by the time they get here! We finally were able to hold my mom's memorial on Nov 6th, the day before what would have been her 91st birthday. If you remember, she died April 15, 2020, after two years on hospice. The memorial was a great celebration of her life and an opportunity to show how God did amazing work through her. Jon continues to teach online with American Public University. We are both still loving our church, Rincon Mountain Presbyterian. My big news is that I've stepped out of Bible Study Fellowship for at least this year and I'm writing and leading a study in our church on Genesis, teaching women how to dig deep into Scripture with inductive Bible study tools. Studying Genesis again has been delightful. I’ve seen how, from the beginning of time, God pursued a relationship with us. Everything in Genesis points to Jesus, who fulfilled all of God’s promises when he came to earth, died for our sins, and rose again. I’m loving Christmas, a reminder of God’s love for us. Thank you for staying in touch, Trish

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