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Jim Dineen Summits Mt. Rainier

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

16 Sep 2021

I received an e-mail from Jim Dineen today telling me about his successful summit of Mt Rainier back in June. Here's what he sent to me:


That’s me, my son Spencer, and his wife Jamie, at the summit of Mount Rainier on June 17th.

Back in 2018 I realized that I was going to turn 60 about the same time my son was turning 30. So I said that we needed to mark the occasion by doing something appropriately stupid. The three of us joined “BoeAlps” (the Boeing Alpine Club), enjoyed a 5-month course of pain, then made our first attempt at Rainier in 2018. And our second attempt in 2019, third attempt in 2020, and FINALLY summited this year.

Looking for a new sport now, one that doesn’t require carrying stuff up hill, especially now that I’m staring down 63! That’s why airplanes were invented.

Jim Dineen

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