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Class News Update - Mike Kempton

24 Jan 2021

Mike Kempton came up on the net to let me know about his current job in Kuwait which, by the way, sounds very demanding. Here's what he sent:

Hey Ratman,

I’ve been out here at Camp Arifjan Kuwait US Army as the ASG-KU (Area Support Group - Kuwait) Director of DPW (Dept. of Public Works) that covers the entire country of Kuwait. Arrived in July 2020 and it looks like I’ll be here until Jun 2022. Heavily involved in the CENTCOM drawdown and of course COVID mitigation as we see 1000’s of troops and civilians pass through Kuwait, the hub for CENTCOM.

I look forward to another DC luncheon when I get back to Alexandria, VA! I was back for Thanksgiving and saw most of our nine grandkids ages 1 to 17!

Michael E. Kempton

Thanks for the update, Mike. Thanks too for all you're doing, and stay safe!

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