• Jim Ratti, '82

Class News Update - Mike & Gloria (Montoya) Ryan

18 April 2021

I should have posted this a month ago when I received it, but somehow I lost it in my inbox - Sorry Mike!

Mike and Gloria (Montoya) Ryan sent me their "Annual Wee Epistle", their version of a Christmas letter that they traditionally publish around St. Patrick's day. It's always a fun read that recaps the previous 12 months and, with much alliteration, reflects Mike's Irish roots.

With the change in administration, Mike handily survived his politically-appointed position in D.C and, in his words, is now "back teaching, writing, talking, consulting, conniving to do good, and advising anyone who’ll listen sober or not!"

You can download a .pdf of the letter here, or read it from Mike and Gloria's website here.

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