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Class News Update - Kevin Perry

I traded e-mails earlier today with Kevin "Duck" Perry and learned that he's a COVID survivor. Here's what he had to say:


I caught COVID too...I would say I had a "Moderate" case. It was NOT FUN....took about 3 weeks to fully recover. Still do not have complete taste and smell back, but would say it's 90-95% now.

The one thing I've learned, is that this stuff is a different experience for everyone. As you know, It goes from 'a non-event' for some that get infected to hospitalization for others, with no real discriminator as to who lands where on that spectrum.

It's been 10 weeks and I still have to catch my breath now and then.

Day 4/5 were brutal with fever and really bad aches/pains. Felt like I was on the receiving/losing end of a baseball bat fight.

Day 7-15 were the awful unproductive cough that won't quit and won't stop, and you can't breath very well...elephant on your chest, wheezy, rattle, much like asthma but worse because there is nothing you can take to alleviate the symptoms. I took corticosteroid inhalers and albuterol inhalers and all the OTC cough stuff you can imagine... Nothing worked.

SO: Hang in there. BE CAREFUL and if you have not got the vaccine, my advice would be to get that vaccination as soon as you can. You could be in the group for whom catching the virus is a 'non-event' or it could be otherwise. My advice is you don't want to roll the dice on that.

Stay Well,

Kevin "Duck" Perry


Good advice, Duck! Glad to hear you're doing okay now, but so sorry you had to go through that. Ohio just opened up the vaccine to those over 60, so Ellen and I are actively working to get scheduled.

Stay safe everyone,


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