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Class News Update - Debbie Bartz

4 Mar 2021

I got a nice photo and an update from Debbie Bartz this past week. She's now retired from United Airlines and is fully engaged in a non-profit mentoring program for at-risk youth. Here's her message verbatim:

"I just wanted to update you on my whereabouts. My spouse and I moved from California to southern Oregon in February. I retired from United after 30 years on an early out program. I am happily enjoying retirement from commercial flying!

I am now involved with Rogue Valley mentoring nonprofit organization for nine to 24 year-olds. I am using my coaching certifications of the last ten years and applying them to circle gatherings with sixth graders and 15-18 year old young adults that have some juvenile delinquency issues and arrests.

Looking forward to seeing you at the 40th!

In peace,


I had to chuckle when I read "30 years" and "early out" in the same sentence. My, how our perspectives change as we advance in years! Deb told me in a subsequent e-mail that she'd been flying for almost 40 years and sometimes it seems like forever. Yes, Debbie, I think we can all relate to that, whatever our occupations!

And heartiest congratulations to Debbie for a wonderful career.


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