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Class News Update - Dave O'Meara

7 Feb 2021

I heard from Dave O'Meara, who's settled down in Richmond, KY after a long career with many moves, including Defense Attaché duties in Israel. He was in Montgomery, AL until 2018, teaching at Air University. He still teaches negotiations and conflict transformation there, virtually for now, and back in person when COVID is less of a threat.

Here's what he sent to me:


Was not happy about the news on Darren. Great classmate.

I wanted to let folks know to look at the Heritage Minutes on the AOG site. Steve Simon does a great job with them and brings back the positive memories for sure.

Thresea and I are in Kentucky and sharing a snap of the backyard this morning.

We got married in Dec 1982 in Richmond Kentucky and I took her on a 36 year Air Force journey. As I promised, we moved back to Richmond Kentucky in 2018. We made five house hunting trips to the Bluegrass and on the last one we found a neighborhood with large lots and close to Thresea’s Mom. Perfect fit for us. Nice to have the extra space during the pandemic. Now celebrating 38 years together, 22 moves, three awesome kids, and a Grand on the way. Slowly losing my hearing after 4,000 hours in helicopters. Tough to wear the hearing aids with the masks.

Doing great and wishing the best for all the class. Thinking about the Army game in Texas this year. Need a trip!


Dave O'Meara

Thanks, Dave, and I echo your thoughts on the Heritage Minutes. They're very well done and informative.

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