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Class News Update - Cliff Hindman

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

7 Feb 2021

Buster and I have been trading e-mails the last several days comparing notes on our respective toys and hobbies. He's settled down near Birmingham, AL and enjoying watching his grandson (14) play hockey, among other things.

I was telling him about my three classic Honda motorcycles, and he told me that he had a Honda CL100 that he rode the stuffing out of back in his high school days. I remember those bikes well, having worked on many of them during my time as a Honda mechanic at our local dealership during my high school days. That led to Buster sending me pics of two of his favorite toys, a 1958 Land Rover and a 1982 ASW-20 glider:

He got the Land Rover from a friend ('93 grad) who brought it back to the US after being stationed at Mildenhall. Although the body and chassis are original, the drivetrain is a mix of "newer" parts. Buster says that, despite being a "petrol" engine (not diesel), it'll climb a tree in 4WD.

Cliff intends to race the glider in April at the Region 5 North competition in Perry, SC.

8 Aug 2021

Some time after I made the post above, Cliff contacted me with a couple more pictures to add.

Here's one of Cliff and his bride Kristina, taken around Christmas of 2020.

And here's a great family shot taken at Easter this year (2021).

Pictured (L-R) are Bethany (daughter-in-law), Ann (Cliff's mom) Bailey (son), Laila (granddaughter), Kristina, Cliff, Major (grandson), Brayden (grandson), Annaka (daughter), Samantha (granddaughter), Emma (granddaughter), Malcolm (son-in-law), and Judy (mom-in-law)

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