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Class News Update - Bob Waters

31 Jan 2021

I got a great, newsy update from Bob Waters a few days ago. Here 'tis, verbatim:


Hey "Best in Blue"! A quick update from North Texas - Darlene and I are excited to celebrate 35 years of marriage in just a few weeks! So many classmates have been a part of our life together!

Since Covid-19 limits our options, we are traveling back to Lubbock/Reese AFB to visit old friends and haunts! But life here in Fort Worth is really busy as you can see from the attached pictures - our three kids are all married and we are starting to "reap" a crop of Grands.

This is Madelyn (almost 3) and Piper (<1) at our home. Madelyn lives with our Daughter and Son-in-Law in San Antonio where she is a School Counselor and he works as one of the Directors of the University of Texas San Antonio Campus Recreation Center. They are expecting another baby this summer.

Little Piper is the first daughter of our oldest son - Bob and his wife Jennifer. Bob owns S&R Aerospace - a parts supply business in Ft Worth. He works with SpaceX, L3, Lockheed, Boeing and many other large and small O&M operations around the world. The last few years they have been working with the 89th Airlift Wing at Andrews to find and secure unusual and hard-to-find parts to keep Air Force One flying. It's always fun to talk airplanes and space with him.

Our youngest son - Patrick - is a 2013 Grad of USAFA. He and his wife - Laura Kate (2009 USAFA Grad) just left Little Rock (see the Christmas Photo) for Colorado Springs. They are both Weapon's School "dipped" instructors in the C-130J. She is completing her Master's Degree to become an AOC this summer and he is one Air Mobility Command's Liaison Officers for the 4th Infantry Division and 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson.

Here is a shot of us rock climbing together in Switzerland a few years ago - we hope to do some more summits together in C-Springs. As a flat-lander from Florida, I really enjoyed the Mountaineering Club at USAFA and he was a big fan of it during his four years also. Although nowadays, I may only make it to "base camp" depending on my knees, hips, ankles and other OLD PARTS!

Darlene is still teaching Elementary level Gifted-and-Talented kids and I still fly the Airbus 320 series for American Airlines. We are both eyeing retirement sometime in 2022 - thank goodness for TriCare Prime and retired military pay from doing 28 years in the Active/Reserve and Guard! Life is very good and we are able to do a lot of work in our Church and local Community to pay back all we have been given. I wanted to thank Jim Ratti personally for being so consistently faithful as our Class Scribe - he has really demonstrated what "Service Before Self" means to me! Thanks for doing this blog Jim.


Thanks for the shout-out, Bob, and thanks for the update!

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