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Class News Update - Ben Zerface

3 Mar 2021

Got a note from Ben Zerface a few days ago. He's back home in southern Ohio and sent this update:



Here’s to hopefully finding you healthy and doing well. Very busy ‘retiree’ on my end.

Stopped working a few years back to help homeschool our children, and just be off the road (project manager for various beltway bandits) and home more. My wife Diana started working on another degree in January of last year and I took over all the homeschooling. This year I’m very busy with an 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grader and all their schooling and activities.

Not a lot else gets done here on our little southern Ohio hobby farm. We manage to squeeze in Friday night Skypes with our 5th (oldest) son, his wife and our grandson out west. And, we have my dad over for dinner each Saturday. Have reconnected with some high school classmates and made many new friends at church and through kids’ activities. Have a few health issues but they’re being managed well and you’ll never hear me complain about the VA – great people doing a great job.

All and all, it’s good being back home, just busy.



Thanks, Ben, good to hear from you!

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