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Cadet Chapel Renovation

08 Mar 2021

As I think most of you know, the cadet chapel is in the midst of a five-year total renovation. The contract cost is $158M and I don't think there's any aspect of the chapel that will be untouched in the course of the project. Scheduled completion is in May of 2024, in time for '24's graduation, but unfortunately too late for our 40th reunion.

I ran across a couple of articles on the project that I found interesting and thought I'd pass along to you.

The first is a news report and short (three-minute) video by KRDO in C-Springs. It gives an update on the progress and has some great views of the ongoing project. It's interesting to see the protective "cocoon" they've put up that surrounds the entire building.

The second is a longer (and a bit more scholarly/esoteric) article published in The Architect's Newspaper. It gives a great perspective, not only on the modernist design of the chapel and the academy, but also its place in history and how controversial the contemporary design was at the time. It also offers a good discussion of the philosophy of and approach to preserving historic architecture.

I can tell you that chapel programs and the Catholic Choir and the Cadet Chorale are in large part responsible for helping me keep the motivation it took to graduate. It does my heart and soul good to see this long-overdue project underway.

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