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The Centurians

Centurions, as all grads will recall, are those unfortunate few who managed to get so many demerits in the course of a cadet career that they enjoyed the dubious honor of having marched 100 or more tours.

A single tour consists of 1 hour of marching around a small area, wearing your dress uniform, white gloves, and carrying your 13-pound M-1 rifle.

Click the buttons above to see some nostalgic pictures of various Centurion-related activities!

Photo above: Here's a group of cadets marching tours along the wall near the Command Post. Closer examination of one of the many white-gloved hands (the 4th from the left) reveals a "coded, digital message" to Tom the Comm. . .

Ah yes. The digital salute!

And lest you think that no one ever had any fun marching tours, here's Frank Herman and Steve Bomgardner having way too much fun at left shoulder arms!

Dave Krueger sent me this photo of these folks, at least two of whom held Centurion fame. On the left is Rod Lambert (later killed in a sky diving accident). Next are Phil Contorno, Dave Grilley, and Lori Fulton.

Here's another picture of Rod Lambert. Dave took this one when he and Rod went on a motorcycle tour of the Grand Canyon. I'll go out on a limb here and assume this was after graduation, since motorcycles and cadets don't mix. On the other hand, the Comm had to have some excuse for making you a Centurion!

Well, all right. I know this guy probably wasn't a Centurion, but Dave Kreuger sent me the picture and I just had to use it! This is Tom Jackson wearing Dave's High-School era leisure suit to "Nerd Night" at Mitchell Hall. Gotta love it!

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